Answers to All You FAQS….

So just as promised..answers to everyone’s FAQS about my adoptions…

How I came to adopt my 2 sons – 9 years ago and how did I come to the decision to adopt not only from Haiti, but also from Africa concurrently!



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My Life’s Reduced To This..


My entire life will be reduced down to these suitcases in a matter of months….

Yep this is all I am taking with me out of the country.. Everything else has to go… Not much, but I will be glad to be rid of all the unnecessary clutter…

Made the difficult decision to leave Ben and Darius here..mostly because of finances.. and well one of them doesn’t want to go and will make it a living nightmare for everyone else.. The other one will probably join me later in the year…I should be there 18 months -2 years initially.. After that God only knows..


So There’s This Girl!


For some time, I have known God was calling me to world missions. I didn’t know exactly how it would manifest itself, but I knew one day I would be spreading his love across this world.  Anyone who knows me, even briefly, knows how much of a heart I have for vulnerable children, especially orphans. And God is using that love to bring me to the next assignment in my life.

I am former foster parent, former foster parent recruiter, foster and adoptive parent trainer and I am an adoptive parent to my sons Benjamin and Darius.

I am also in the process of adopting from a little girl from Haiti. I started that process in February 2015 and it is expected to take another 18 months to 2 years before that adoption is complete.

I have already raised over $18,000 towards this adoption, but I still have many expenses to cover before my Haitian adoption is completely funded:

  • Haiti Country Fee – $5900(apprx)
  • Post Adoption Fees – $1350
  • Visa – $325
  • DNA Test – $900
  • 2 week bonding trip (???)
  • Homestudy Update (???)
  • Trip to bring her home (???)

My Haitian adoption is really forcing me to trust God on a level I never have before. But little did I know he wasn’t through with me yet.

As if my faith wasn’t already being stretched enough through this first adoption….God with his big sense of humor, introduced me to another little girl in Africa in January 2016 that is in need of a family.

I just smiled and laughed it off, saying to myself, “Clearly, God could not be calling me to adopt AGAIN, while I am already in the midst of one adoption? Could he?” So I just brushed it off and God kept bringing this girl to my heart, until I finally inquired about what it would take to adopt her…

Well, I about near got knocked over when I found out what it would take! You see, the country that she is from just recently closed off adoptions to non-nationals UNLESS, you foster and live in the country for at least 1 year! Yes, you read that right. So clearly again, I asked, “Are you sure God?” But God gave me confirmation, after confirmation that it was to be…

Sooooooo…… Ben, Darius, and myself are moving to Africa!!!

We are praying to move by March 2017. This will be the beginning of our international missions work. While I am there, I will also be working with local NGOs and CBOs that assist vulnerable children. I am also making plans to start a non profit that focuses on orphan prevention, reunification and moving children in families, instead of orphanages. (Already started the paperwork) YAY! We would like to stay there beyond a year and eventually become full time missionaries.

But there are MANY things that have to be put into place before this can happen!

  1. EMPLOYMENT – I would need to secure employment first, either (1) in country, (2) remotely with a U.S. company, or (3) through a location independent business. I have done web design for years, so I am hoping to get more clients from that. I have been applying for positions for a few months now and I am just waiting for God to manifest the best one for me to be able to leave ASAP.
  2. PASSPORTS -I need to secure passports for Benjamin and Darius. I already got the photos done, just need to file for passports. – $210 ($105 each)
  3. VISAS – ??? Depends on type of job I will have
  4. IMMUNIZATIONS$600 apprx ($200 each)
  5. FLIGHTS – $2500 – $4000 ( 3 one way tickets)
  6. LUGGAGE – ???  I will probably find something  at a thrift store
  7. HOUSING – Thankfully the cost of living in Uganda is very reasonable and I will actually be saving lots of money once I get there. $200 – $600/month  (Usually paid 6-12 months in advance) Depending on where we end up living. I want to move to a smaller city, but most of the jobs are in the capital city.  I am frugal, so as long as it is safe, I am not looking to live anywhere fancy.
  8. UTILITIES (Electricity, Water, Internet, Phone) – ???  Will probably have 3 months saved, But this will be paid from my job/business.
  9. INTERNATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE – ??? Still researching
  10. UGANDA ADOPTION FEESApprx $21,000. I will give a full break down when I have sign the contract with the chosen agency. It won’t be due all at one time, but I will more than likely need $10,000 to start. (GASP – I KNOW!!)

So how will we pay for all this!?!?!?!


  • Remote Employment: So if you are hiring for a remote position with your company or know anyone who is hiring. Please let me know.  Check out my about page to see my skills!
  • Web Design: Also I am a seasoned web designer. I have almost 20 years experience – Please tell your friends! I am accepting 2 web design clients per month.
  • In Country Employment – If you know of any organizations hiring in Eastern or Central Uganda. Please let me know! Again check my skills! I would love to work with an NGO, but it has to be a paid position for obvious reasons.


Prior to leaving, we will be selling just about all of our possessions to raise funds and well, we obviously can’t take it with us.

I also have several fundraisers currently going on and I am open to new ones as well.  If you are a fundraising consultant, I would love to speak to you about your services.

  • GoBena Coffee – We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise funds for our Adoption. 50% of everything you purchase will go towards our adoption fund. Thanks for your support and enjoy the fresh roasted coffee! Also if you spend over $50, you get free shipping!
  • Look-a-Like Dolls – I have a business in which I make look-a -like dolls. I wish I could continue this business when I move, but it will no longer be profitable with shipping costs.


So maybe you don’t want to participate in one of our fundraisers, but you do want to help! Here’s how you can do that!

  • Prayer – I have come up against so much warfare, since I said yes to God concerning the mission for my life. I need people committed to pray for me and my family, as we walk into the manifestation of all God’s purpose for our life!
  • Tell a Friend OR 1000 – Please help me spread the word! The more people who know, the faster I can reach my goals and get a child into a family and not an orphanage. I also can begin my missionary work in country.
  • Donate – If you feel so lead to, please make a one time donation through our Youcaring page. I will be updating it soon to reflect the Uganda information.
  • Monthly Sponsorship – If God is leading you to partner with us monthly, it would be most appreciated. I would be more than willing to funnel this money through a sending agency,church, or non profit for accountability sake.

So, What About Haiti?

Haiti is still very much in play. I would just need to update my homestudy and my USCIS paperwork once I move. And I had to do that anyway because my USCIS will expire in March 2017.  The only other change is that I will have to fly from Africa to Haiti for my bonding trip. And when I go to pick her up for good, I will  to fly from Africa to Haiti and then  we have to stop off in the U.S. to take care of her citizenship papers and readoption in the US. The way things are going the Africa adoption may be done before the Haiti one..GO FIGURE!

Final Thoughts

I know many of you probably think I am crazy and you know what? I probably am! I go crazy seeing kids languishing in orphanages when they should be growing up in families.  Not everyone is called to adopt. But I know CLEARLY that God has placed this call on my life. Not everyone is called to the nations, But I know God has called me!

Will you help me get there?


USCIS i800a Approval!


So last week (December 28, 2015) I went to USCIS to do my fingerprints and apparently I was approved the same day. I really didn’t expect to receive anything for another few weeks and just happen to check the mailbox today (Sunday) and my i800a approval was in the mailbox..

Most beautiful thing I have read this year: Your i800a application is hereby approved!

Which basically means that I have been determined suitable to adopt a child from Haiti by the US government. Now just waiting for Haiti to find me suitable…lol – One step closer…

Paper Pregnant


Just got an email that my dossier (adoption paperwork) has been submitted to IBESR ( Haitian social services). I’m officially paper pregnant! Officially waiting to be matched with my daughter! Happy New Year to me!!!

Finally some movement

11907188_1666990773524521_4559703246738414686_nMy dossier ( adoption paperwork) is officially on it’s way to my agency to be reviewed and translated!!! I feel like Just put my child in the mail. It was hard to let it go. Prayers for safe arrival!!

I’m Adopting Again


I have had a dream for the last 12 years and that dream was to adopt from Haiti. Today I start that journey. Put my application in the mail today….It is going to be a long journey..But I can’t wait to meet my daughter…Follow me on this site to witness history with me :)



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